What Supplies Should be in my GA Storm Shelter?

If you live in the state, then you know that the likelihood of having to go to your GA Storm Shelter at least once every spring is near one hundred percent. It might be for a violent thunderstorm, a full blown tornado, or just the threat of one but you will probably spend some time in a GA Storm Shelter. So you should make it as comfortable as possible and stock it with essentials.

If you are just going in for a few hours until some nasty weather has passed then you can get by with:

  • Something to drink: water, or juice.
  • Snacks
  • Some entertainment: A kindle, iPod, laptop or handheld gaming device.
  • A weather radio to let you know when the coast is clear so you can leave your GA underground tornado shelter.

GA Storm ShelterIf you are in a location that sees frequent tornado activity, or you think that you may be spending extended amounts of time in your GA Storm Shelter then you need to take your preparations a little farther.

First, you should have enough food for you and your family to last seven days in the Storm Shelter. It should consist of:

  • Gallons of water in sealed containers
  • Trail mix, dried fruit, jerky and power bars
  • Cans of fruit, juice, tuna, peanut butter
  • Bags of hard candy
  • Gatorade
  • Ensure
  • Manual can opener
  • If you have a baby or a pet then you will also need to pack food for them

After you have the food stored there are a few other items that will make your stay in the GA Storm Shelter more comfortable:

  • Dry change of clothes for everyone
  • Plastic utensils and plates
  • Weather radio
  • Flashlights with extra batteries
  • Aspirin
  • Candles with matches
  • Plastic bags for trash and as waterproof storage
  • Tooth brushes and tooth paste
  • Ziplock bags for waste