An Overview of Portable Underground Storm Shelters

Portable underground storm shelters can be very useful for a variety of reasons and in many different locations, making the “portable” not only innovative but useful and money-saving as you can take your portable underground storm shelter with you wherever you go.

Of course, this might leave you wondering what a portable underground storm shelter is. They are surprisingly basic in structure, with the body of the storm shelter consisting of thin plastic pulled tight around a frame and anchored into the ground with legs. This plastic and frame work is then covered with a dense protective layer. Ventilation ducts are installed, as well as a window and door, to ensure safe entry, stay and departure from your portable underground storm shelter. A battery-operated fan is also installed to keep the air flowing, which is powered by solar energy through a charge on the outside of the shelter. Drains and a place for water run-off to collect is also included in your portable underground storm shelter designs. There are also numerous rods working at many different angles to reinforce and further stabilize the storm shelter, making it as secure and safe as possible for you and your loved ones in any inclement weather.

There are also many different kinds of storm shelters out there to suit your particular needs, whether you live in hurricane, tornado or any other regions susceptible to extreme weather, or maybe you just want to be prepared. The overall design and structuring of the reinforcement rods change depending on what kind of storm shelter you need, and portable underground storm shelters are built to be stable but also moveable, making their design very innovative but also a departure from standard storm shelters. The folks over at Harrison Construction have plenty of knowledge and the expertise to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Feel free to give them a call and get started on owning your portable underground storm shelter today. Harrison Construction will get the job done quick and well beyond your greatest expectations.