Harrison Construction Supply can provide construction services that will help you get your job completed correctly, on time and on budget.  Our services include:

  1. Rebar Fabrication
  2. Waterproofing Supplies
  3. Rental Equipment
  4. Storm Shelter Installation

We can fabricate Rebar and make it into any shape you need for your concrete retaining walls, foundations, concrete driveways and slab projects.  If you have to make waterproofing repairs, we have all the equipment and can help you with repairing foundation cracks to stop leaks.

Rent Excavators from Harrison Construction SupplyIn addition, we can help you with job site preparation.  We have a great selection of rental equipment including skid steers for grading your job site, moving dirt or general site clean up.  We have excavators that you can use to dig your foundation or prepare your job site for sewer lines or septic tank installation.  We also have bush hogs for removing brush from you property.

If you purchase one of our Granger ISS  polyethylene storm shelters we can install it on your property in less than one day.  Not only can we provide a great storm shelter installation, we can camouflage your storm shelter with great looking mulch and landscaping so it blends right in with your yard.

If you need to dig holes for your site preparation we have an auger service that can drill the holes you need in no time.

Call for Harrison Construction Supply today for details.